Wellsport Bodyworks is a massage and bodywork practice with offices in Hillsborough and Carrboro, NC for athletes and all active people who wish to feel better and to do better.  Owner Jeff Wells has been practicing massage and bodywork therapy for 21 years.  He is an athlete and has been on the journey from “out of shape” to someone who simply wants to continue engaging in personal health improvements.  Here at Wellsport, we understand that wellness starts with a vision and a desire to pursue that vision. Our staff understand the challenges of those first steps of training and the continued challenge of maintaining and improving your performance and lifestyle.  We can help you whether you are just beginning or you are an elite trying to do better.  Contact us now to tell us about your goals and we will help you to achieve them!


  • To provide the best care possible for our clients, in a supportive and creative healing environment.
  • To help individuals achieve the maximum potential of their health as quickly as possible.
  • To contribute to the health of our clientele through top quality massage therapy and education.
  • To support athletes interested in competing better for years to come.

Fulfilling this mission results in folks feeling positive about their health and lifestyle choices.

Contact Jeff Wells today and enjoy the benefits of superior massage, education and support.