Community Partners

Connecting our paths to wellness.

WellLife Wellness Studio
Katy Harris is a committed partner in your journey to wellness, fitness, and lifelong health. With a background in psychology and biology and certifications in strength training and nutrition, Katy will help you make small changes with big results.

Dr. Jacob Liskowiak, Applied Kinesiology Chiropractor
Dr. Jacob is a Chiropractor that uses Applied Kinesiology, or muscle testing, to assess and balance the structural, chemical and emotional issues that keep us from being well. His goal is to empower each patient by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their highest potential.

Jessica Beardsley Nutrition
Fuel Well For Life: The main force behind Jessica Beardsley Nutrition is a deep desire to help you achieve your health goals by empowering you to make confident food choices. Work with Jessica to become in-tuned with your body and honor its needs.

Durham Children’s Initiative
DCI’s mission is to create a pipeline of high-quality services spanning from birth through college or career for children, youth, and families living in Durham, North Carolina.
More than 65 partner organizations and thousands of community members actively contribute to DCI, making it one of the most comprehensive cradle-to-career ecosystems in the state.
Through a combination of DCI initiatives and partner services, we work collaboratively at the local and systems levels to support children, youth, and families on their unique journeys toward success.

Carolina Yoga Company
Great yoga company with locations around the triangle and in Hillsborough. Jeff occasionally teaches workshops at the Carolina Yoga Company.

Bull City Running
These guys know feet. The personal attention they give customers is extraordinary. They will help you with the right gear for your goals.

Soothing Soles Reflexology
Oriana Galardi-Este of Soothing Soles offers a healing sanctuary where you can let go of your stress and relinquish control in a safe and loving environment. You will leave feeling loved, nurtured, and rejuvenated.

Carolina Pain and Performance
A conservative medicine facility with a focus on biomechanics, sports injuries, and musculoskeletal care. They combine chiropractic care, soft-tissue treatment, and rehabilitative exercise so you can return to your sport or work activity quickly.

Katya Gorbacheva, Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Fitness Coach
Katya’s business is all about meeting clients where they are and helping them create a strong plan for fitness, mindfulness, and wellness. Katya has extended a special rate for clients of Wellsport Bodyworks.