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I had a client come in this week who is a firefighter. A good man. A hulk of a man. He was tired. That morning from 3-6 a.m. he had been on a call. A 3 story apartment building had been hit by lightning and caught fire. While the crews put out the fire and safely evacuated all residents 4 inches of rain fell. I was amazed at the task he had accomplished.

This gentleman is trying to get his rescue diver certification. He has to pass a swim test to be able to take the scuba class and has never been a swimmer. Some of the guys on his truck are triathletes and are helping him learn how to swim. He had missed his swim that morning.

I was touched by the connections while working on him. Here I was, helping someone who had helped save many lives just that day. I felt the connection with the endurance athlete community. Triathletes had helped me find the courage to swim years ago and helped me find a new joy in life. As I grew into an athlete, I lost a lot of weight and discovered new aspects of myself. In becoming athletic, I inspired and supported many clients and friends to take on fitness.

As my client left I gave him encouragement, “Keep up the good work in the pool!” To which he replied, “I am trying…” Which is what it all comes down to, doesn’t it?… Always do your best.

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