Ben Pagano

I have been a practicing massage therapist since graduating from the Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, NC in December 2016. My journey to a profession in bodywork has been a long and varied one. I grew up on a farm in Alamance County, NC where I developed a love and appreciation for the great outdoors that continues to this day. My fascination with the workings of the human body began to grow as a young athlete. I played basketball, baseball, and ultimate frisbee throughout my childhood, and remember being interested in learning about stretching and massage as ways to improve my performance. I then spent nearly a decade in two completely different fields of work, first as a social worker, and later as a sales manager. While there were many things I liked about both of these professions, ultimately the work left me feeling unfulfilled. 

From my first day at the Body Therapy Institute, I knew that I had finally found my true calling. The opportunity to work closely with my clients and to use my hands to help them find relief from pain and stress, to encourage them to develop greater body awareness, to teach them tools and techniques to find greater comfort in between sessions, and to bring more ease into their lives; these are the things that keep me inspired each and every day.

LMBT (NC#16241)