Brian Hicks

I love life and as a massage therapist, I am fortunate to help cultivate aliveness in other people.  My work centers around meeting people where they are and offering them another option for experience in their bodies.

Through touch, I can help bring awareness to my clients’ tissues and help them find another way to move.  Becoming stuck in our lives and bodies, and the pain associated with that is real. Often we have to slow way down in order to move forward in a different way.

As a North Carolina native, I grew up at the beach immersing myself in wind and waves.  A teenage adrenaline junky, watersports became my passion and my life.  While the urge to launch myself 40-feet into the air off a massive wave is still there, my body is less forgiving these days.

So if you are a competition level athlete looking to improve performance, or someone who doesn’t quite move like you used to,  I am with you.

I graduated from the Body Therapy Institute in 2016 with Kiah, and I am excited to be part of the Wellsport Bodyworks team.  I look forward to working with you!

LMBT (NC#16226)