Covid-19 Safety Protocols

During the COVID-19 pandemic Wellsport is committed to safety. To yours, to ours, and to that of your loved ones. Massage therapy is great for lowering stress and boosting your immune function. We are dedicated to serving our clientele and community.

We are taking care to sanitize all surfaces. All of our offices have air purifiers in them. We have built some extra time in between appointments. We are monitoring our own health indicators extremely closely and will not hesitate to stay home if there is any doubt about our well being or exposure levels. We wear our masks the entire session.

We ask that you not come to your appointment if you have had exposure to anyone sick, have had any symptoms or any elevated temperature. We ask that you not come in if you have traveled or been in gatherings in the past 10 days unless you have tested negative for the virus since. If you have any doubts at all, just cancel your appointment. We will find a time in the future to schedule you.

Please wear a mask the entire visit (though you can have it off when face down during the massage if needed as we have an added pillow case “hammock” underneath the face cradle). We will meet you at the front porch then we walk you in to wash your hands or sanitize. No need for you to touch any doors unless you use the restroom.

As an additional protection for your loved ones, please wash or sanitize your hands when leaving.